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El-Power was established in 2011 as a private initiative of Mr. Elton Mataj, with the only purpose of improving the customers experience. The first work accomplished under the logo of El-Power is the building of the project N / st 110 / 6.3kV HC Sllabinjin Pogradec. The successful achievement of this project, paved the way for the company for other projects and new challenges. Today, El-Power is licensed and operates in the fields of study, design,supervision and construction of electric lines of: TN, TM, TU above ground (aerial) and underground(cable), electricity and telecommunication, electrical substations TN/TM and the medium voltage TM/TU(electrical cabinets), power plants and hydropowerplants, engineering networks, civil and industrial facilities. The realization of telecommunications facilities. Maintenance, secondary and capital overhaul.of electric transformers of any kind, electric cars andalso electrical equipment, of Import-Export of manymaterials such as: electrical, telecommunications,alarm systems, security systems and fire fightingtools, main and complementary productions, etc.

Quality of work

El – Power is focused on enhancing the qualityof work in terms of: focusing on the customer ,leadership, involvement of experts and staff inachieving the objectives, continuous improvementof any work, making decisions based on facts andcommon benefits.
EN ISO 9001 : 2008

Enviroment care

El – Power is committed to all its activities, carryingthem out while taking care for the environment inwhich it operates. This alternative way of action,will inherit the future generations a new cultureof working and protecting our planet ; looking foralternative sources of energy.
EN ISO 14001: 2004

Technical security

El – Power Company, with respect to workingconditions, is responsible for every employee whoworks in its construction sites. El – Power sites areequipped with all the relevant signage and lightingfor night.
OHSAS 18001 2007

Risk Managment

Technical security, quality of work and environmentalprotection , have provided El-Power with anadditional standart in integrated management ofthe systems, management of risk , counseling andtreatment of different groups of interest etc.
PAS 99: 2012

About Our


The philosophy of our work is to meet the needs of the customers with: Speed, Efficiency, Quality and Competitive price. These competitive elements are the strength and the only goal, which push forward “El – Power”. The company has professional knowledge and is committed to giving the most optimal solutions, always based on the needs and the requirements of its customers, appraising carefully the interrelation “Quality – Price”.



Our Vision

Very soon, El- Power will become the company of the innovation in the market and will help new companies and the country, in the development of a better and safer market. The next step of our company is the sustainable development and the renewable energy, which is produced without polluting the environment for future generations and without draining the natural resources.

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