Our building history

After 5 years of experience, El-Power offers a variety of activities such as excavation, construction of civil and industrial buildings, protective barriers, building plants of gas and oil, works of drainage, roads, bridges, overpasses, trams, facade coatings, finishes, reconstruction of buildings, processing of electrical materials of all kinds of iron and steel, reinforced concrete, plastic and glass materials, wood, prefabricated materials, technical facades etc.

Our Successfull Building Projects

1. Project implementation: N/st 110/6.3kV HC Sllabinj
2. Project implementation: Entrance tract N/st 110/6.3kV Prrenjas – HC Sllabinj
3. Mounting of structures for surveillance cameras in Durrës Port
4. Project implementation for line: 110/35 kV Nst 110/10 kV Rexhepaj Kukës – HC Bele1 & Line: 35/35kV HC Bele 1 – HC Cërnaleve
5. Installation of equipment: 35kV HC Vithkuq
6. Build the conductor of the line: 35kV Bulqizë Krastë
7. Line Construction: 35kV HC Strelca- Nst 35/10kV Lozhan
8. Line Construction: 35kV HC Treska-Nst 35/10kV Mollas and the entrance tract in: Nst 35/10kV Mollas
9. Line Construction: 35kV HC Stravaj-Nst 110/35/10kV Prrenjas and the entrance tract in: Nst 110/35/10kV Prrenjas.
10. Line Construction: 400kV Prishtinë -Tiranë on Kosovo part on section III.
11. The construction site in HC Fan for company FERMANOGLU Turkey

El-Power has 14 qualified employees, from different fields such as project managers, Mining engineers, Surveyors, Construction and Electrical engineers,
Electrician, Drivers, etc. Apart from permanent employees of the company El-Power has under contract and other employees who play a key role in the timely completion and quality of overlapping works.

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