El-Power, has worked almost in all territory of Albania and the Balkans region. For the realization of the demands and duties to its clients, the company has had to provide professional cartographic materials needed, completed with the highest technologythat exists today in the market. El power possesses all topographic maps of Albania and the region indigital format (CAD) and higher picture quality.

Our Successfull Planning Projects

1. Design of: Nst 35kV Cërnaleve.
2. Design of: i Nst Cërnaleve 1.
3. Design of Line: 35 kV HC Stravaj – HC Stranik.
4. Design of Line: 110/35 kV Nst 110/10 kV Rexhepaj Kukës – Hc Bele1 and  Line 35/35 kV HC Bele 1 – HC Cërnaleva.
5. Design of: Nst 110 kV HC Sllabinja.
6. Design of Line: 10 & 35 kV HC Kabashi.
7. Design of Line: 35 kV HC Shutri & Shebja.
8. Design of Line: 220 kV HC Curraj – Nst 220 kV Fierzë.
9. Design of Line: 35 kV HC Strelca – Nst 35/10 kV Lozhan.
10. Design of Line: 35 kV HC Treska – Nst 35/10 kV Mollas.
11. Design of Line: 35 kV HC Stravaj – Nst 110/35/10 kV Prrenjas and the entrance tract in: NST 110/35/10 kV Prrenjas.

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